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How to restore a file from the home directory?

All files within the users home directories ($HOME) are automatically backed up by TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) function. To restore a file, use

adsmback [-type={home | gpfshome} ] &

on the login-nodes of JUQUEEN or JUDGE, or the GPFS-gateway nodes at JUROPA. If the option -type is not specified, the user will be prompted for the type of filesystem

Which type of filesystem should be restored? Enter: {home | arch | gpfshome}

This command grants access to the correct backup data of the user's assigned home directory. 'gpfshome' applies to JUROPA only because JUROPA users have an additional GPFS home directory besides the standard Lustre home directory.

Follow the GUI by selecting:

File level -> [j]homeX -> group -> userid -> ...
Select files or directories to restore
Press [Restore] buttom

If the data should be restored to original location then choose within the Restore Destination window:

  • for JUQUEEN: Original location
  • for JUDGE: Original location
  • for JUROPA (GPFS): Following location + /gpfs/homeX + Restore complete path

Don't use the native dsmj-command which will not show any home data.