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How to restore a file from the archive directory?

All files within the user's archive directory ($ARCH) for long term storage are automatically backed up by TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) function. To restore a file, use

adsmback [-type=arch] &

on JUDAC. If the option -type is not specified, the user will be prompted for the type of filesystem

Which type of filesystem should be restored? Enter: {home | arch | data}

This command grants access to the correct backup data of the user's assigned archive directory.

Follow the GUI by selecting:

Restore -> View -> Display active/inactive files
File level -> archX -> group -> userid -> ...
Select files or directories to restore
Press [Restore] buttom

If the data should be restored to original location then choose within the Restore Destination window:

  • Original location

Otherwise select

  • Following location + <path> + Restore complete path

Don't use the native dsmj-command which will not show any archive data