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PICO 2013 in Vaals, the Netherlands

9 - 12 October, Kasteel Vaalsbroek, Vaals, the Netherlands

Cutting-edge electron microscopy operating at the frontiers of image resolution and its application in solid state research are the main focus of the international conference PICO 2013, organized jointly by the Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C) at Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Triebenberg Laboratory at the TU Dresden.   The conference programme includes lectures on advanced methods and instruments used to address current scientific issues regarding, for instance, materials important in the development of the energy and information technology of the future.                      

More than 120 participants from over 20 different countries are expected to attend the event, which is taking place for the second time after a successful launch in 2012. The event is named after the PICO microscope, the most powerful electron microscope in Europe, inaugurated at the ER-C in 2012.

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