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Files which were no longer accessible, and were not restored/recreated by the user, were deleted by the administrators

* Welcome to JuRoPA / HPC-FF
* Information about the system, latest changes, user documentation and FAQs:
* The next planned maintenance slots for Juropa/HPC-FF will be on
* Thu Apr 18, 2013 from 8:00 until 18:00 h
* HPC-FF Thu, Feb 21, 2013
* End of Usage for the Fusion Community
* We kindly remind you of the fact that the production and usage of the
* HPC-FF part of Juropa will end on
* Jun 30th, 2013
* for the Fusion community.
* Please be aware of the fact that starting on July 1st, 2013,
* HPC-FF users will no longer be able to submit or execute jobs.
* The access to the login nodes will remain available for some months more,
* until April 30th 2014 , thus HPC-FF users can still handle their remaining
* data during this time frame, but batch processing will be disabled.
* Juropa/HPC-FF Wed, Apr 19, 2013
* Due to a severe hardware failure in the storage subsystem we lost a
* complete enclosure with 60 disks belonging to the Lustre filesystem $WORK.
* In combination with additional disk errors, this led to a loss of data,
* since the RAID-6 technology used in the $WORK file system was not able to
* recover from these errors.
* A significant portion of the affected data could be reconstructed meanwhile.
* However, still a number of files in $WORK may be lost or damaged.
* We have provided a list of files that are potentially affected.
* You will find this list in your home file system, if some of your files
* are involved in the crash (see $HOME/LUSTRE_JWORK_<user>.log).
* A more detailed list of the involved files is beeing prepared and
* will also be placed into the users' home directory (named
* CHK_LUSTRE_JWORK_<user>.log) as soon as it is available.
* We apologize for the long-lasting outage and especially for that fact that
* data in $WORK got lost or damaged.
* Juropa/HPC-FF Mon, Apr 23, 2013
* File list named "CHK_LUSTRE_JWORK_<user>.log" of damaged files (see above)
* is now available in the home directories of all affected users.
* Please read the header of this file for details.

* Files on that list that were no longer accessible,
* and were not restored/recreated by the user,
* were deleted by the administrators
* for avoiding FS hanging conditions.