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European Scientists Trained for the DryLab

The first advanced course on 13C-based Metabolic Flux Analysis gathered 16 scientists from nine European countries at the IBG-1: Biotechnology. The intensive training week on 19-25 November brought together experts from academia and industry to be taught the model‐based 13C‐MFA technology and related visualization techniques. By in‐depth assessment of the practical pitfalls related to this specialist approach, the participants are made fit to cope with the challenges in their home labs.

The high-level training featured mathematical modeling, usage of our cutting‐edge simulator 13CFLUX2 and all topics relevant for the planning, analysis and planning of labeling experiments. A satellite workshop introduces information visualization techniques with the network editor Omix. The advanced course was concluded by a scientific workshop addressing important novel developments in 13C‐MFA related fields, ranging from quantitative (Metabol)Omics to Cloud computing.

European Scientists Trained for the DryLab