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Dechema Summer School

With contributions from Forschungszentrum Jülichs Dr. Lothar Eggeling and Prof. Dr. Marco Oldiges the summer school “Quantitative Biology: Current concepts and tools for microbial strain and process developments” was successfully held in Berlin with 20 participants. The course location was the beautiful “Schleuseninsel” in Berlin-Charlottenburg and the event was kindly supported by the Innovation center technologies for health and nutrition (IGE) of TU Berlin. The event was organized by the Young Biotechnology Researchers Network of the German society for chemical engineering and biotechnology (Dechema), where also young researchers from IBG-1 are active members.

Modern biology follows the trends in the chemical and physical sciences to use quantitative mathematical models for the description of complex cellular behaviour. Concepts from molecular and systems biology, process engineering, and economy will have to be combined for the development of efficient biotechnological processes. To enable biotechnologists, bioengineers and biologists to pursue this interdisciplinary challenge, it is mandatory to strenghten both the mathematical skills and the basic concepts of biological systems. Thus, the Young Biotechnology Researchers Network, consisting of young experts from Germany, devised a summer school schedule that allowed participants to familiarize themselves with relevant biological concepts, mathematical modeling strategies and appropriate (software) tools. The participant´s evaluation of the course was very positive and they recommended continuing the course next year.

Grafic 2 dechema summerschool 2012