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IBG-1 and ERA-IB partners organized conference on Bio-Production of Organic Acids

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Jülichs Biotechnology institute (IBG-1: Biotechnology) is part of the successful transnational ERA-IB project BioProChemBB focusing on the bio-based production of C4 and C5 organic acids as valuable chemical building blocks to substitute petrochemical intermediates. BBPOA, the 2012 symposium on “Bio-based Production of Organic Acids” held May 10th-11th at the DECHEMA-house Frankfurt (Main) with CLIB2021 as a partner presented a forum for more than 100 participants from academia and industry to present the newest research developments and industrial realization of biotechnological production of organic acids such as succinic, acetic, pyruvic and itaconic acid. The conference was organized by partners of the ERA-IB project BioChemProBB coordinated by Prof. Bernd Eikmanns and received financial support from BASF, Evonik and Metabolic Explorer. Oral and poster presentations from Europe, USA and Japan covered this focus theme in full breadth from physiology and metabolic engineering to integration of upstream and downstream processing ranging from the microliter to the 10.000-ton-demo-plant scale.