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The award „Innovation BioRegionen“ goes to IBG-1 researchers

Dr. Stephan Binder and Georg Schendzielorz of the IBG-1 (Biotechnology) received the “Innovation award” (2nd place) endowed with 2,000 € on May 15th 2013. The award ceremony took place at the German Biotechnology days in Stuttgart. The two laureates have made ​​important contributions to the establishment of a new process for microbial strain development during their PhD work. Due to the increasing demand for bio-based products from renewable raw materials such as amino acids, highly productive microbial strains are required. So far, however, it is very costly and laborious to obtain such high level producers. Based on biosensors the winners established a process which not only enables analysis of the productivity of millions of cells in an ultrahigh-throughput fashion,  but also the isolation the most productive cells in a few hours. The process is based on the transformation of the product concentration in the cell into a fluorescence signal. Coupled with whole genome sequencing and “recombineering” - as a technique for the fast introduction of useful genetic modifications -  the time necessary to construct an effective producer is dramatically shortened. Patents to protect the new technology are pending, and various industrial partners have expressed great interest in using the new method.