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Three new teams in the IBG-1

Three new teams strengthen the research activities of the IBG-1.

The new team „Combinatorial Metabolic Design“ of Dr. Jan Marienhagen in the „Amino Acids and Cell Wall“ group develops tailor-made microorganisms for the production of small metabolites of biotechnological interest from renewable resources. For this purpose, self-developed chemo-enzymatic methods for the construction of synthetic gene expression modules and latest high-throughput screening methods for the host cell engineering are employed.

In the group “Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics” the team „Quantitative Microbial Phenotyping“ of Dr. Stephan Noack is concerned with the development of experimental and analytical methods for quantification of proteins (Proteomics), metabolites (Metabolomics) and fluxes (Fluxomics) of microbial cells. These ‘omics’-tools serve as basis for a detailed characterization and modeling of the metabolism of biotechnologically relevant microorganisms.

In the group „Biocatalysis and Biosensors“ the Helmholtz-young investigators group „Synthetic Enzyme Cascades“ of Dr. Dörte Rother develops highly valuable precursors for pharmaceuticals from cheap starting materials. In focus is the intelligent modular combination of enzymes from enzyme toolboxes to synthetic cascades. Besides multi-step syntheses with purified enzymes economically and ecologically efficient whole cell biotransformations are developed.