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Omix Diagram Featured on Front Cover of BioSystems

Elsevier has selected a diagram drawn with the visualization software Omix to be the feature cover for the 2011 BioSystems special issue Integration of OMICs datasets into Metabolic Pathway Analysis. The cover picture shows the central routes of carbon transport in the microorganism Gluconobacter oxydans. The paper demonstrates the power of information visualization by providing several examples showing how multi-omics data sets can be visualized in network context. The image was designed by Peter Droste.



  • P. Droste, S. Miebach, S. Niedenführ, W. Wiechert, K. Nöh
    Visualizing multi-omics data in metabolic networks with the software OMIX - A case study
    Biosystems 105(2):154-161.