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Thomas Latzko Awarded Best Paper at ESM’2012


Thomas Latzko from IBG-1 won the best paper award at the recent 26th European Simulation and Modeling Conference - ESM'2012 in Essen. The paper “Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods to Analyze the Steady-State Flux Solution Space of Metabolic Network Models“ presents a novel Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method that is able to cope with the volume estimation problem of high dimensional flux solution spaces.

The volume of flux spaces is a novel characteristic for metabolic networks measuring/rendering their flexibility. High-dimensional problems are computationally extraordinary hard to access making them attractive for sampling-based MCMC approaches. Existing volume approximation methods are limited by a dimension of 10-12 while scalability of our approach has been demonstrated for dimensions far beyond 20 in terms of performance and accuracy.

The work was done in collaboration between the Modeling and Simulation Group at IBG-1 and Prof. Uwe Jaekel (Koblenz University of Applied Sciences).  Download the paper (PDF, 386 kB)


Dr. Katharina Nöh
Modeling and Simulation Group
IBG-1: Biotechnology