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EUROfusion - A New Programme for Efficient Fusion Research

With a ceremony on 9 October 2014 in Brussels a new organization has been started for the coordination of the European Fusion Research Programme. The Consortium EUROfusion is the backbone of this new organization, which comprises 29 national fusion centres from 26 countries. With this consortium the national fusion research centres want to bundle their resources more efficiently towards the common goal: the first fusion power plant. About half of the five years' budget (2014–2018) of 857 Million Euro is borne by the EU.

The financing is based on work packages in which the research centres participate. The activities in Jülich are focusing on plasma-wall-interactions and materials research. They are performed on the test facilities in Jülich as well as on the large experimental machines JET, Wendelstein 7-X and ITER.

Vertreter des EUROfusion-Konsortiums mit Urkunden

Signing ceremony for the grant given to the new EUROfusion consortium at the Solvay Library in Brussels.