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15th Laboratory Course on Neutron Scattering Attracted 54 Partipants

September 22, 2011

neutron_scattering_2011.jpgGroup photo of participants and organizers of the 15th Labcourse Neutron Scattering.
Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich

The laboratory course on neutron scattering organized by JCNS at the Jülich branch lab in Garching near Munich ended on 16 September. During the two-week course, 54 science students from 16 countries first familiarized themselves with the theoretical principles of neutron scattering at Jülich. The practical part of the course with exercises at the neutron scattering experiments took place at the research neutron source FRM-II. Before being admitted to the course, those interested had to take part in a selection procedure since 155 students had applied.

_DSC2503kl.jpgThe students get an insight into the time of flight spectrometer DNS by Dr. Yixi Su.
Copyright: Wenzel Schürmann/TUM

_DSC2602_kl.jpgDr. Olaf Holderer führt am Jülicher Spin-Echo Spektrometer einen Probestab in den Kryostaten ein.
Copyright: Wenzel Schürmann/TUM


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