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Young Scientist Award for Sebastian Heedt

4 December 2012

Sebastian Heedt from PGI-9 has been awarded RWTH Aachen University’s Friedrich Wilhelm Prize for his diploma thesis on the “Preparation and Characterization of Ferromagnet/Nanowire Structures for Electrical Spin Injection”.  The award of € 500 is meant to acknowledge the outstanding scientific achievements of RWTH graduates.  The prize-giving ceremony took place on 30 November in Auditorium 1 at RWTH Aachen University. 


2012_12_04_Preis_Heedt.jpgLeft to right: Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen University, Professor Wolfgang Kaske, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Friedrich Wilhelm Foundation and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Generali Deutschland Holding AG, prize winner Sebastian Heedt.
Copyright: Martin Lux, RWTH Aachen


Heedt has now begun his Ph.D. research, working in the group led by Prof. Thomas Schäpers, who, together with Prof. Markus Morgenstern of the II. Institute of Physics B of RWTH Aachen University, supervised his diploma thesis.  During this time, the 26-year-old physicist demonstrated the feasibility of injecting fixed orientation spins in semiconductor nanowires.  This is an important step on the way towards the realization of what is known as spin electronics, which seeks to use the magnetic characteristics of electrons, or spins, as information units instead of their electrical charge.  Spin based transistors, used as switching elements, should one day enable significantly faster and more energy-efficient switching operations to be performed, compared with the transistors available today.

Heedt will build on these results in his doctoral thesis and investigate the transport characteristics and life span of spins in nanowires.

Press release “Spin injection in semiconductor nanowires for future spin based computing” from September 2012

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