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"More than Moore"

December 1, 2010

New EU Project with IFF Participation to Create Platform for Information Technology of the Future

d_news_2010-12-01Physikalische Grenzflächeneffekte in Oxiden für die Nanoelektronik der Zukunft nutzbar zu machen – dieses Ziel verfolgen das Forschungszentrum Jülich und 15 europäische Partner im neuen EU-Projekt „Interfacing Oxides“ (IFOX).

Starting on 1 December, Jülich scientists will be joining forces with 15 European partners to lay the foundations for the oxide-based nanoelectronics of the future in the EU project "Interfacing Oxides" (IFOX). The European Union is funding IFOX with € 11.3 million over four years. The goal of IFOX is to track down and study electronic and magnetic effects no larger than a nanometre on interfaces of complex transition metal oxides and allow them to be used in future oxide-based nanoelectronics. This will create a platform on which electronic components with innovative functionalities can be developed. The IFOX consortium brings together some of the world's leading labs in the areas of oxide layer fabrication, characterization, and structuring, as well as theory from 16 European research facilities and industrial companies for collaboration over the next four years. The Jülich groups from the Institute of Solid State Research and the Institute for Advanced Simulation (IFF-1/IAS-1): Quantum Theory of Materials and IFF-6: Electronic Materials) have set out to play a decisive role in establishing a theoretical basis and fabricating customized structures and interfaces.