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Supercomputer Unravels Structures in DVD materials

Januar 9, 2011

810_2011-01-09-nature_Fig4.jpgModel of crystallization of AIST alloy in a DVD. Upper left: a laser pulse (hv arrow) causes motion of the central antimony atom (left), which then exchanges its bonds to two neighbours. Upper right: The green vector sum of the three short red bonds changes. Below: A sequence of such processes leads from the amorphous (left) to the crystalline form (right).

Although the storage of films and music on a DVD is part of our digital world, the physical basis of the storage mechanism is not understood in detail. In the current issue of the leading journal Nature Materials, researchers from Jülich, Finland, and Japan provide insight into the read and write processes in a DVD. This knowledge should enable improved storage materials to be developed. (DOI: 10.1038/NMAT2931)

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