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Autumn School"Hands-on LDA+DMFT"

A practical introduction to modeling strongly correlated matter

October 11, 2011

Fifteen leading scientists and 80 young researchers met in Jülich from 4-7 October to take part in the Autumn School of the DFG Research Unit 1346 "Dynamical Mean-Field Approach with Predictive Power for Strongly Correlated Materials". Subject matter was the realistic modeling of materials with strong electronic correlations using the combination of density-functional theory (DFT/LDA) and dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT). The topics ranged from the basics of DFT and DMFT via practical approaches for non-perturbatively solving many-body problems to methods for determining realistic model Hamiltonians and the comparison of theory with experiment. The final lectures provided glimpses of the future of the research area. The lectures were complemented by tutorials on quantum Monte Carlo solvers and the construction of model parameters.


Correl11_participants_jpgStudents and Teachers at the Autumn School "Hands-on LDA+DMFT"
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Originally, the school was planned around a maximum number of 40 participants, supported by the DFG Research Unit. Interest from all around the world was, however, so overwhelming that the number of participants was increased up to the full capacity of the facilities. In the end, 80 young researchers from 15 countries, among them Russia, the USA, Japan, and India, were able to attend the school. Six of them were supported by "Junior Travel Awards" of the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM).

"The participants particularly appreciated the fact that the lectures covered material that is normally only glossed over at conferences. This led to very lively and fruitful discussions during the lectures, which often continued into the breaks", enthused Prof. Eva Pavarini, of the Jülich organizational committee.

The lecture notes from the Autumn School are available in book form.  "They fill an acutely-felt gap between advanced text-books and current research literature, and thus serve as a welcome guide for entering this attractive field of research”, explains Pavarini.

Pavarini, Eva; Koch, Erik; Vollhardt, Dieter; Lichtenstein, Alexander (Eds.)

The LDA+DMFT approach to strongly correlated materials
Modeling and Simulation 01
420 S., 2011, ISBN 978-3-89336-734-4

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