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ESRF announces closing of beamline ID32:
Petition of the Surface and Interface Science User Community

Due to severe budget problems the European Synchrotron radiation Facility (ESRF) has announced to close two of their undulator beamlines, ID20 and ID32 at the end of 2011. The latter, ID32, a unique world-leading beamline for x-ray standing waves (XSW), hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (HAXPES) and surface/interface x-ray scattering, is of immense importance for the entire Surface/Interface Science Community.

In his function as member of the ESRF Users Organization Committee (UOC), responsible for the part “surface/interface science”, Dr. Christian Kumpf (PGI-3, FZ Jülich) has organized a common response of the user community and composed a petition addressed to the ESRF management, the ESRF Science Advisory Committee (SAC) and the ESRF Council. This petition is published as an open letter.

The petition is supported by a large number of scientists all over the world. A list of supporters can be found in the petition letter. If you feel that you want to support our concerns, please e-mail to and indicate your full affiliation.

Corresponding Links:

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ESRF announces closing of beamlines ID20 and ID32
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