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Heinz Bethge Young Investigators Award for Vadim Migunov

3 December 2013

Physicist Dr. Vadim Migunov of the Peter Grünberg Institute - Microstructure Research (PGI-5) - has received a Young Investigators Award from the Heinz Bethge Foundation for applied electron microscopy for his doctoral thesis entitled “Elastic properties and electronic transport in InAs nanowires”.  His research showed that so-called stacking defects - disruptions of the regular stacking of crystal planes - influence the elastic and electron transport properties of indium arsenide nanowires. Such semiconductor nanowires are good candidates for a range of applications, such as new types of solar cells that require the use of lightweight materials and electronic circuits that have reduced dimensions and good transport properties.

Vadim Migunov’s thesis is one of the first studies to systematically investigate correlations between the mechanical and electrical properties of individual indium arsenide nanowires, their atomic structures and their 3D morphologies. By using transmission electron microscopy combined with scanning probe techniques, he was able to investigate the properties and structures of the nanowires simultaneously with high spatial resolution.

The Heinz Bethge Foundation supports research and development in the area of applied electron microscopy and each year awards three prizes of € 500 to young scientists who have completed their Master, Diplom or Ph.D. thesis which, as its main focus, offers theoretical or experimental contributions to microscopy or the investigation of microstructures using microscopic or electron-optical techniques.  An international jury selects the winning thesis on the basis of its relevance to application-oriented questions, the originality of its approach, as well as the complexity and the quality of the science presented.

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