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Jülich High School Students Learn about Nanoscience

PGI Young Scientist Sarah Fahrendorf Takes Part in „nanoTruck“ Event

1 July 2013

NanoTruck_jpgStudents at the Girls' High School in Jülich visit the Ministry of Education's nanoTruck on 20 and 21 June.
Copyright: Bild: FLAD & FLAD Communication GmbH

What has nanotechnology got to do with my smartphone?  What does a nanoscientist do and how do I begin a career in research?  Dr. Sarah Fahrendorf, former Ph.D. student of PGI-6, answered these and other questions posed by a group of around 20 high school students from the Girls’ High School in Jülich at the school’s “nanoTrucks” event. 

Fahrendorf was invited as guest speaker and offered the two scientists involved in the project her support at the opening event in the truck on 20 June.    This gave students an overview of what nanotechnology is capable of achieving today and in the future.  Thomas Rachel, the Parliamentary Secretary of State of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, opened the event.

The nanoTruck is a mobile exhibition and communication centre, presenting nanotechnology live on two levels.  The idea behind this government initiative is to take nanotechnology out of science laboratories and to give young people more information about this attractive field of technology at an early stage in their academic careers.


SarahF_Sem_jpgDr. Sarah Fahrendorf explains the background to her Ph.D. thesis undertaken at the Peter Grünberg Institute. Back: Thomas Rachel, Secretary of State, Ministry of Education and Research.
Copyright: Bild: FLAD & FLAD Communication GmbH