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Best Student Oral Presentation Award

Stephan Wirths, Ph.D. student at the Peter Grünberg Institute 9 (PGI-9 Semiconductor Nanoelectronics) has won a Best Student Oral Presentation Award at the E-MRS Conference Fall Meeting held in Warsaw from 16-20 September 2013.

He received the E-MRS Award for his presentation “Epitaxial growth studies of SiGe and SiGeSn alloys” held in the Symposium A: “Alternative semiconductor integration in Si microelectronics: materials, techniques and applications”. Stephan Wirths is also co-author of 3 other E-MRS scientific contributions from Research Center Juelich or together with groups from RWTH Aachen (Prof. J Witzens) and University of Vigo (Prof. S. Chiussi.)

E-MRS Student Awards honor and encourage graduate students whose scientific achievements and current materials research show a high level of excellence and distinction. The E-MRS is one of the most important conferences held in the field of material research.

EMRS 2013 Stephan 2Stephan Wirths