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AVR Expert Group Presents Report

26 April, Jülich – In 2011, Forschungszentrum Jülich and AVR GmbH, operator of the experimental nuclear power plant decommissioned in 1988, appointed a group of independent external experts to review the operating history of the reactor. The Expert Group has now completed its work and the results are available to download online. In addition, all those who wish can submit questions which the experts will answer at an event open to the general public on 10 June 2014 at Jülich Technology Centre.

AVR-Expertengruppe übergibt Bericht an Karsten Beneke, Forschungszentrum JülichAVR Expert Group presents its report to Karsten Beneke, Forschungszentrum JülichChristian Küppers presents the Expert Group’s report to Karsten Beneke. From left to right: Christian Küppers (spokesman of the AVR Expert Group), Lothar Hahn (AVR Expert Group), Prof. Volker Heinzel (AVR Expert Group), Prof. Achim Bachem (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Forschungszentrums Jülich), Karsten Beneke (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Forschungszentrum Jülich), and Ulrich Schäffler (Commercial Director, AVR GmbH)
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