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Money Raised Donated to 'Kleine Füchse'

Thanks to the money raised at the second-hand book sales at the beginning of the summer holidays and on Open Day, Dr. Bernhard Mittermaier, head of the Central Library (ZB), and Beatrix Küven, who works in the reading room, were able to present a donation of € 555 to the ‘Kleine Füchse’ daycare centre.

Bücherflohmarkt 2013 – Übergabe der SpendeCopyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich, ZB (TA)

Josefine Esser-Röger, head of the ‘Kleine Füchse’ daycare centre, and Katja Stephan, a member of the supporting association, accepted the money in the presence of children from the facility. The children and their parents will decide together how it will be used. New toy cars and childrens' books are top of the list.

We would like to thank everyone who donated or bought a book and hope we can count on you again next time.

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