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Dr. rer. nat. Olga Kedo

Visiting Researcher

Degree: Diploma in biology

Research Topics:

  • Receptor- and cytoarchitecture of the human brain
  • Amygdala, Hippocampus

The amygdala plays a central role in emotional behaviour and certain psychiatric and neurological diseases including epilepsy.

The amygdala (with the focus on the lateral and paralaminar nuclei) is examined in the patients with epilepsy and healthy controls. In particular, densities of various neurotransmitter receptors are to compare between the epileptic and control tissues. A further research focus is a combination of data on the receptor distribution with the electrophysiological data (collected in M��nster). Cytoarchitectonic analysis helps in finding the amygdala nuclei in receptor- and physiological data.

The hippocampus is involved in the memory processes; it has shown in several studies the longitudinal functional differentiation. Also the substructures of the hippocampal region play different functional roles. My aim is to analyse the balance of various neurotransmitter systems in the substructures of the hippocampus and subicular complex (rostral vs. caudal), as this balance can be an important indicator of functions of regional networks.

Cytoarchitectonic analysis helps in identification of hippocampal and subicular substructures in the receptor data.

Research Methods:

  • Cytoarchitektonische Kartierung
  • Quantitative Rezeptorautoradiographie


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