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Bild von Julia Reckfort

Julia Reckfort

Research fellow

Degree: Diplom Ingenieur (FH)

Research Topics:

lFurther development of three-dimensional polarized light imaging (3D-PLI) for the exploration of the connectivity of nerve fibers.

The Connectome project is dedicated to reveal the connectivity of interacting brain regions and therefore employs different neuroimaging techniques such as optical microscopy and diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Three-dimensional Polarized Light Imaging (3D-PLI) is an innovative approach to map the spatial orientations of fiber tracts in histological sections of the human brain at a submillimeter scale. The basic principle of 3D-PLI is based on the birefringent properties of the myelin sheaths surrounding nerve axons. It is possible to investigate single nerve fibers at the micrometer scale.

Research Methods

  • Characterization and study of the available polarimeters.
  • Determination of the resolution and the reproducibility of measurements.
  • Analysis of systematic hardware errors as well as the propagation of errors due to digital imaging processing in order to optimize the measurement results.
  • Determination of the fiber orientation considering the Lambert-Beer-law.
  • Improvement of the signal interpretation based on theoretical considerations and experimental results.
  • Investigation of the influence of polarization dependent absorption (diattenuation) concerning the measured signal.
  • Image processing in medical imaging


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