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Shiva Viswanathan

Dr. Shivakumar Viswanathan

Postdoctoral Scientist

Research Interests

  • The neuroscience and psychology of voluntary movements
  • Body representations, motor imagery and motor cognition
  • Stroke: Sensorimotor effects and recovery
  • Machine learning methods for neuroimaging
  • fMRI and EEG

Selected publications

  • Barany, D., Della-Maggiore, V., Viswanathan, S., Cieslak, M., and Grafton, S. T., 2014, "Feature interactions enable decoding of sensorimotor transformations for goal-directed movement", Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 34, No. 20, pp 6860 - 6873
  • Viswanathan, S., Fritz, C., and Grafton, S.T., 2012, "Telling the right hand from the left hand: Multisensory integration, not motor imagery, solves the problem", Psychological Science, Vol. 23, No. 6, pp 598-607
  • van Elk, M., Viswanathan, S., van Schie, H.T., Bekkering, H., and Grafton, S.T., 2012, "Pouring or chilling a bottle of wine: an fMRI study on the prospective planning of object-directed actions", 2012, Experimental Brain Research, Vol. 218, No. 2, pp 189-200
  • Nenert, R., Viswanathan, S., Dubuc, D., and Visscher, K.M., 2012, "Modulations of ongoing alpha oscillations predict successful short-term visual memory encoding", 2012, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 6:127
  • Viswanathan, S., Perl, D.R., Visscher, K.M., Kahana, M.J., and Sekuler, R., 2010, "Homogeneity computation: How inter-item similarity in visual short term memory alters recognition", Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp 59-65


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