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Deepthi Varikuti

Deepthi Varikuti

Doctoral Researcher

Research topics:

  • Optimization and evaluation of approaches involved in modeling the high-dimensional spatial information of the human brain into reduced forms

Methodological topics:

  • Voxel-based morphometry (VBM)
  • Unsupervised clutering methods (Non-negative matrix Factorization)
  • Multivariate Pattern Ananlysis (MVPA)
  • Resting state (RS)
  • RS-based preprocessing techniques

The main focus of my research is to address the curse of dimensionality associated with high-dimensional voxel level information by optimizing and evaluating various methods used within functional and structural MRI data, giving particular attention to reliability and interpretability. Given the dependency of the dimensionality reduction techniques on various preprocessing strategies in order to provide reliable outcomes, part of my research has focused on investigating the effects of various confounds removal approaches on the test-retest reliability of functional connectivity estimates of a-prior defined functional networks. However, I am particularly interested in investigating the influence of multi variate pattern analysis with the implementation of an alternative dimensionality reduction method namely, non-negative matrix factorization, which improves the quality of interpretability of the low-rank approximations in contrast to the frequently used principle component analysis method. I therefore evaluated the prediction of age baaed on the Structural MRI data compressed using the non-negative matrix factorization. Furthermore, investigating the transferability and interpretability of the factorization in the context of multivariate pattern analysis were also my interests.


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