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Bachelor thesis: Growth and characterization of BaTiO3 thin films

Advertising institute: JCNS-2 - Scattering Methods
Reference number: D010/2013, Physics

We offer a bachelor thesis in which crystalline Bariumtitanate (BTO) thin films will be grown on strontiumtitanate (STO) substrates by an oxide molecular beam epitaxy system and subsequently structurally characterized. The mechanism of the molecular beam epitaxy is based on the evaporation of the pure elements to achieve the desired stoichiometry. Owing to the simplicity of its crystal structure, Perovskite BTO has been one of the most extensively studied ferroelectric materials. BTO exhibits a lot of phase transition in respect to electric and structural properties. These properties (e.g. lattice constants, conductivity) are highly dependent on oxygen vacancies in the crystal. The lattice constants of these BTO thin films should be characterized by x-ray reflectometry (XRR) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) in response to post annealing processes under different oxygen conditions. Additionally the surface quality should be characterized by atomic force microscopy (AFM).

Contact persons: Markus Waschk, Markus Schmitz, Alexander Weber,,