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Master Thesis: Ultrafast spin dynamics in ferromagnetic alloys

Advertising institute: PGI-6 - Electronic Properties
Reference number: D059/2012, Physics

The Peter Grünberg Institut 6 of Forschungszentrum Jülich is offering a Master position in the field of spin dynamics on femtosecond timescale.
The understanding of interaction between photons, electrons, spins and phonons on femtosecond timescale is crucial for developing new electronic and spintronic devices operating at THz frequencies. By tuning the composition of ferromagnetic alloys it is possible to vary the dynamic response and even switch the magnetization with ultrashort light pulses.

Job description:
The new member of our team will perform time-resolved measurements of spin dynamics in ferromagnetic alloys on femtosecond timescale by means of all-optical pump-probe technique. One part of the project is to investigate ultrafast spin dynamics in NiPd alloys with different Ni-Pd ratios. In particular the dependence of the demagnetization time on the sample composition and exciting laser intensity will be studied. The second part is dealing with ultrafast spin dynamics in GdFeCo alloys. For that system the magnetization switching phenomenon using ultrashort laser pulses will be studied.

Your profile:

  • Bachelor in physics
  • High motivation and fascination for lasers
  • Very good knowledge of solid state is desirable

What we offer:

  • Experienced and friendly research team
  • Excellent experimental equipment
  • Working and learning in a great research environment

Please send your application (including CV, bachelor thesis, and exam results) by email to Prof. Dr. C. M. Schneider ( and to Dr. Roman Adam (

Your contact

Prof. Dr. C. M. Schneider
Phone: +49-2461-61 4428

Dr. Roman Adam
Phone: +49-2461-61 4214

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