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PhD studentship on transport and spectroscopy for novel topologies

Advertising institute: PGI-6 - Electronic Properties
Reference number: D060/2018, Physics

Peter Grünberg Institutes 6 and 9 (PGI-6 - Electronic Properties, PGI-9 - Semiconductor Nanoelectronics), Forschungszentrum Jülich has an open PhD student position on transport and spectroscopy for novel topologies.

Surface states in 3D topological insulators have been discovered over a decade ago, and soon after that the concept of stabilizing Majorana states at the interface between topological insulators and s-wave superconductors has been proposed. We are planning to study such interfaces using the combination of spectroscopic and quantum transport techniques. In particular, the goal will be to establish band alignments at the superconductor-topological insulator interface using photoemission techniques, and use optimized interfaces for transport measurements.
Project description

The work will focus on heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy, which will be first probed by a palette of photoemission techniques and subsequently lithographically patterned for transport measurements. This project builds on previous expertise of the PIs in band structure engineering of topological insulator heterostructures and superlattices, as well as on expertise in superconductor/semiconductor junctions.

We are searching for a motivated PhD candidate interested in the offered research project. Angle- and spin-resolved photoemission will be performed in the laboratory in PGI-6, as well as at the experimental endstations at synchrotron beamlines. The setup at PGI-6 is equipped with a high resolution hemispherical energy analyzer, a modern Fe-oxide based spin-polarimeter, several discharge lamp light sources (He, Xe), and 6-eV laser-based source which offers light polarization control. For the quantum transport experiments at PGI-9 the samples will first be patterned in the clean room of the Helmholtz Nano Facility. For the low temperature transport measurements a number of different cryostats equipped with superconducting magnets are available.

The project will be carried out in a close collaboration with experimental and theoretical research groups at Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen.

Job requirements
We welcome applications from candidates with a Master degree in physics and with a background and interest in photoemission spectroscopy and transport. Candidates must have a strong aptitude in experimental physics and the drive and capacity to work independently. A theoretical background in solid state physics is required. Familiarity with programming is highly desirable.

Conditions of employment
We offer a 65% appointment (E13) for three years. The successful candidate will be enrolled and graduate with a PhD from the Department of Physics at RWTH Aachen.

Forschungszentrum Jülich aims to employ more women in this area and therefore particularly welcomes applications from women. We also welcome applications from disabled persons.

Information and application
The deadline for application is 30th April 2018. Please contact Dr. Lukasz Plucinski ( or Prof. Thomas Schäpers ( to apply or for more information. The application should contain the following documents:

  • Application letter.
  • Curriculum vitae including two names of potential referees.
  • Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma (typically B.Sc. and M.Sc.).

Dr. Lukasz Plucinski
Peter Grünberg Institute 6

Prof. Thomas Schäpers
Peter Grünberg Institute 9
Forschungszentrum Jülich