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Master Thesis: Preparation and Characterization of Electrode Materials for Metal-Air Batteries

Advertising institute: IEK-9 - Fundamental Electrochemistry
Reference number: D063/2017, Material Science, Chemistry or Physics

IEK-9 Energy Materials group is currently looking for a Master thesis candidate who possesses the qualification below for the earliest possible employment date.

The Institute for Energy and Climate Research - Fundamentals of Electrochemistry (IEK-9) focuses its research activities on the experimental investigation of electrochemical and kinetic properties of the charge transport and interfacial reactions of novel energy storage systems. Metal-Air batteries are promising and attractive energy storage systems for mobile and stationary applications due to their high energy densities, comparable to the Li-Ion battery systems. To have a better understanding of the effect of the microstructure of the Si-Metal alloys on the electrochemical performance of the metal-air battery systems, preparation of the synthesized materials and their investigation with microscopy techniques are essential.

Your Tasks:

  • Preparation of synthesized metal-air battery anodes with metallographic techniques (Embedding, grinding, polishing, cutting/sectioning, etching)
  • Characterization of the microstructure of prepared materials with optical microscope, laser scanning microscope and SEM
  • Post-mortem characterization of the microstructure of the anode materials after battery operation

Your Profile:

  • Ongoing master education in Material Science, Chemistry or Physics
  • Theoretical knowledge on solid solutions and metallic phases
  • Experience on microscopy (optical and electron microscopy) and metallographic preparation through internship or as a Laboratory assistant (HiWi) is desired but not obligatory
  • Fluent in English and good computer skills

Please send your application to:

Dr. Hans Kungl
Institut für Energie- und Klimaforschung
Grundlagen der Elektrochemie (IEK-9)