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Ph.D. Position: Time- and angle-resolved photoemission on magnetic thin films at the synchrotron radiation source DELTA

Advertising institute: PGI-6 - Electronic Properties
Reference number: D071/2013, Physics

The "Electronic Properties" department at the Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI-6) of Forschungszentrum Jülich is offering a Ph.D. position in the field of time- and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy.
The understanding of changes in the electronic structure on a short timescale is crucial for developing novel, fast, and efficient spintronic devices. This project provides an opportunity to investigate the electronic structure of magnetic thin films with spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy using femtosecond vacuum ultraviolet laser pulses. The experiments will be performed in the pump-probe scheme using the radiation from the free electron laser at the synchrotron radiation source DELTA on the campus of the TU Dortmund.

Job description
We are looking for a Masters or Diploma student to start his or her Ph.D. work in our Electronic Structure group. The new member of our team will plan and conduct photoemission experiments at our beamline BL5 of the DELTA storage ring. The femtosecond free electron laser source at the storage ring is currently under commissioning and our new team member will have the opportunity to be among the first users of this unique facility. The experiments and analysis of the data will be conducted in collaboration between experimental and theoretical groups in Jülich and Dortmund.

Your profile

  • Masters or Diploma degree in physics
  • Very good knowledge of solid state physics
  • Experience with experiments under UHV conditions
  • High motivation for synchrotron radiation based photoemission
  • Ability to work self-dependent

What we offer

  • Experienced and friendly research team
  • Cutting-edge experimental equipment
  • Collaboration with world leading experimental and theory groups

Forschungszentrum Jülich is an equal-opportunity employer and therefore welcomes applications from women and disabled persons.

Please send your application (including CV, thesis, and exam results) by email to

Prof. Dr. C. M. Schneider:
and to Dr. Lukasz Plucinski: