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Bachelor or Master thesis: Optimization of the sputtering process for oxide thin films with an optical spectrometer

Advertising institute: JCNS-2 - Scattering Methods
Reference number: D091/2014, Physics

Goal of the presented thesis is the production of thin oxide films with a high pressure sputtering system. The growth rate and stoichiometry should be measured and optimized by monitoring the optical spectrum of the plasma. For characterization of the grown layers in-house methods like X-Ray reflectometry and diffractometry, Rutherford back scattering, and Atomic force microscopy will be applied. For the success of the thesis the implementation of the spectrometer into the software for sample growth and the mechanical integration to the sputter system is mandatory.

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Dr. Alexander Weber
JCNS-2, PGI-4,Scattering Methods


Markus Waschk