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Master Thesis: Dynamic behavior of an electrolyser integrated with wind clusters for hydrogen production

Advertising institute: IEK-3 - Electrochemical Process Engineering
Reference number: D100/2014, Electrical power engineering

Beginning of the work: As soon as possible.

Area of ​​responsibility
The massive expansion of wind energy is the most important option for Germany to achieve the climate protection goals. To achieve the reduction in greenhouse emissions (With reference to 1990), the Institute for Electrochemical Process Engineering (IEK-3) is working on hydrogen production from renewable energy source. Energy scenario of Germany estimate the installed rated onshore wind power capacity is around 150 GW and offshore is about 50 GW. However due to intermittency in wind power enormous amounts of energy storage is required, which could be the battery storage, pumped storage, compressed air storage system and hydrogen storage. The hydrogen production by electrolysis is the only method that can cover the seasonal storage system, because of the energy density and possibility of salt caverns storage system. The goal is to develop the model which defines dynamic behavior electrolyser coupling with wind farms and wind cluster. The tasks are given below:

Considering the typical example to develop the synchronous and asynchronous wind turbine model and to make a wind cluster for coupling with electrolyser, to produce hydrogen by water electrolysis. The model could be developing into Matlab-Simulink. The sub-tasks are mentioned below:

  1. Develop the Simulink model for synchronous and asynchronous wind machine.
  2. Develop the Simulink model for an electrolyser
  3. Simulate the one single 5 MW electrolyser with wind farm and Wind cluster
  4. Simulate the 5 MW with each unit is 1 MW electrolyser
  5. Describe the real power behavior of two different scenarios of electroyser with 5 MW each unit is 1 MW and one single unit with 5MW of an electrolyser.
  6. Simulate the line frequency with and without an electrolyser.
  7. Simulate the electrical supply model with wind system and wind-H2 system.

Your profile
You are a student of electrical power engineering. Moreover, you have already knowledge of power electronics, high voltage, electrical machine and transmission and distribution systems. Experiences in Matlab-Simulink and Power factory are beneficial. You are also interested in learning new software tools.

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