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Advertising division: ZEA-2 - Electronic Systems
Reference number: D104/2018, Electronics, Physics, Information Technologies

Master’s Thesis: Modeling and implementing a digital interface for control electronics for quantum computers

The Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics – Electronic Systems (ZEA-2) is a scientific and technical institute of the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, which performs research and development projects in cooperation with the institutes of the Forschungszentrum and external partners. The focus of the work is the development of electronic and information technology system solutions in sensor technology and detector technology, signal and data processing, measurement technology as well as imaging and processing.

Building a quantum computer needs integration of more and more quantum bits, called qubits, on one chip. As a result the needed amount of wiring and lab equipment is increasing sharply. At the same time the connection to the qubits is very limited since they are placed inside a dilution refrigerator at cryogenic temperatures. Overcoming this challenge can be only done by an integrated electrical control and read-out solution.

Your Task:
The aim of the thesis is to first develop a behavioral model of the digital interface in Simulink and in a second part to use the model to create an implementation in Verilog.
Different digital architectures should be investigated and the best to be implemented. The work is embedded in a bigger modeling framework which should be used to test and verify the model.

Your profile:

  • Electrical engineering, physics or computer science background
  • Experience with a hardware description language and Matlab/Simulink
  • Good German or English speaking and writing capabilities
  • High personal motivation
  • Team spirit

We Offer:

  • A cutting edge topic in engineering science
  • The opportunity to work together in a team of highly motivated scientists and engineers
  • Further development of your personal abilities in connection within a socially balanced work environment

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The Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH would like to increase the number of employees in this area. We are therefore particularly interested in female applicants. Applications made by disabled people are particularly welcome.

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