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Advertising division: IAS-5 - Computational Biomedicine
Reference number: D112/2018, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics

Master Thesis: Computational Biomedicine in Neuroscience

PI: Jun. Prof. Dr. Giulia Rossetti

The section ‘Structural Neuroinformatics' INM-9/IAS-5 Computational Biomedicine at Forschungszentrum Jülich offers a dynamic and international work environment. Our lab develops and uses multi-scale simulation and structural bioinformatics tools to gain insights on important molecular events in signaling pathways. Collaboration with experimental labs around the world and industry is an important pillar of our work.

The focus of the project is the computational design of specific inhibitors for a key molecular target in viral infection. The research activities will employ Bioinformatics and Molecular Dynamics techniques as well as Computational Pharmacology. The project is in collaboration with the Institut für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, as well as the Institut für Organische Chemie at the RWTH Aachen University.

A student assistant “HiWi” job position could be associated to the work of this thesis project on a semester basis.

Students from the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics or closely related disciplines are welcome to apply.
Experience with UNIX-like operating systems along with an excellent knowledge of written and oral English are required.

Please send your application to:
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
INM-9/IAS-5 Computational Biomedicine
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Giulia Rossetti