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PhD position: Synthetic Microbiology/Biotechnology

Advertising institute: IBG-1 - Biotechnology
Reference number: D126/2017, Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

About us
Forschungszentrum Jülich, a member of the Helmholtz association, is one of the largest research centres in Europe. The Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG 1) performs research in the field of molecular and applied microbiology. Major topic is the development of bacteria as biocatalysts for production of industrially or pharmaceutically relevant products from renewable carbon sources. The Gram-positive soil bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum is used for the production of more than five million tons of amino acids per year, but has also enormous potential for production of a variety of other compounds.

Project and Methodology
Currently a PhD position is available at institute IBG-1: Biotechnology. The planned project is allocated to research in the field of Synthetic Microbiology and deals with the construction and application of synthetic regulatory circuits in the industrial platform species Corynebacterium glutamicum. Circuits will be applied for the optimization of small molecule production and bioprocess performance. The impact of the developed circuits will be benchmarked in comparison to classical rational engineering approaches.
Classical molecular biology, genetic and biochemical methods will be applied as well as recent synthetic biology approaches. Strains will be characterized by using state-of-the-art omics technologies (NGS, RNA-Seq, and proteomics). BioBrick performance will be analysed at single cell resolution using time-lapse fluorescence microscopy (live cell imaging) and flow cytometry.

Suitable candidates must hold or achieve a Diploma or Master´s degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, or related fields. Applicants should have a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of modern microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Candidates should have a high motivation to succeed in science but it is also crucial that they are kind, efficient and reliable team-players.

Our Offer

  • Salary and social benefits in conformity with the provisions of the Collective Agreement for the Civil Service (TVöD).
  • Limited for 3 years
  • Working in an interdisciplinary environment as well as excellent facilities for biologic and biotechnological research
  • International, interdisciplinary working environment on an attractive research campus, ideally situated between the cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Aachen
  • A comprehensive PhD training programme

Forschungszentrum Jülich aims to employ more women in this area and therefore particularly welcomes applications from women. We also welcome applications from disabled persons.


Juniorprof. Dr. Julia Frunzke
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften
52425 Jülich

Tel: 02461- 61-5430; Fax: 02461- 61-2710

Announcement as pdf file:  PhD position: Synthetic Microbiology/Biotechnology (PDF, 350 kB)