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Advertising division: IEK-9 - Fundamental Electrochemistry
Reference number: D144/2018, Chemistry, Materials Science

Master Thesis Preparation and Characterisation of Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Metal-Air Batteries

IEK-9 Energy Materials group is currently looking for a Master thesis candidate for the earliest possible employment date for a thesis in the area of electrode materials for metal-air batteries.

Metal-air batteries are a possible alternative to lithium-ion batteries that is being intensively investigated. Applications range from mobile to stationary/grid-scale. One of the most important factors to ensure re-chargeability of the batteries is the performance of the cathode, were oxygen reduction and evolution take place.

Our group focusses on fibre-based carbon electrodes from electrospun polymer fibres. They are a novel approach for the development of gas diffusion electrodes for metal-air batteries. They feature a lot of positive properties that make them a possible replacement for state-of-the-art electrodes. Currently, we are working on the implementation and testing of catalyst materials.

Your Tasks:

  • Preparation and Characterisation of electrodes using electrospinning
  • Analysis of electrodes using microscopic methods (SEM) as well as spectroscopic methods (Raman)
  • Development of a procedure to implement catalyst materials and subsequent electrochemical investigation (potentiodynamic polarisation, galvano- und potentiostatic measurements)

Your Profile:

  • Master’s student in Chemistry (focus on materials and/or heterogenic catalysis), Materials Science or related fields
  • Extended experience working in a chemical lab as well as first experience with electrochemisty and electrochemical analysis methods is helpful.
  • Adequate computer skills (Origin, Matlab) and English proficiency are expected

Please take the ususal lead time of 6 to 8 weeks into account, when applying!

Mr. Markus Gehring, MSc
Institute of Energy and Climate Research
Fundamental Electrochemistry (IEK-9)
Forschungszentrum Jülich