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Advertising division: IBG-1 - Biotechnology
Reference number: D165/2018, Biochemistry, Biotechnology

Bachelor or Master thesis: Characterization of enzyme entrapment in stimuli-sensitive microgels

The focus of the `Synthetic enzyme cascades´ group is the development of value-generating processes using enzyme cascades. We combine catalysts to multi-step biotransformations which do not occur conjunct in nature.

Project Description:
In such complex enzymatic cascades the occurrence of undesired side reactions is one of the major challenges. The LightCas project aims to control enzyme activity in multi-step cascades by means of enzyme entrapment in photo-switchable microgels. By implementing new hydrogel materials, the selective entrapment and control of enzymes compiled in cascades is targeted.

You will investigate changes in enzyme activity depending on irradiation and temperature. Your tasks will include the characterization of free enzyme, the immobilization of enzyme in stimuli-sensitive microgels, as well as the characterization of the loaded gels.

The project can start as soon as possible with the exact focus depending on your own interests and qualifications.

Your Qualifications:
You are a highly motivated student of biochemistry, biotechnology, or a related field with (very) good grades and strong interest in interdisciplinary research.

Prior hands-on experience with biocatalysts and instrumental analytics (photometric assays, HPLC, MS, and NMR) would be advantageous.

Please send your application (CV, Abitur certificate, current transcript of records) via EMail to:

Christiane Claaßen M. Sc.
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Institute of Bio- and Geosciences
IBG-1: Biotechnology


Announcement as pdf file:  Bachelor or Master thesis: Characterization of enzyme entrapment in stimuli-sensitive microgels (PDF, 249 kB)