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Training course "Single-sided PGAS Communications Libraries" at EPCC

17 Mar 2014 09:00
18 Mar 2014 18:00
EPCC, Edinburgh, UK

In some applications, the overheads associated with the fundamentally two-sided (send and receive) nature of MPI message-passing can adversely affect performance. This is of particular concern for scaling up to extremely large systems. There is a renewed interest in simpler single-sided communications models where data can be written/read directly to/from remote processes.

This two-day course covers two single-sided PGAS libraries: the OpenSHMEM standard, and the new open-source GASPI library which is also designed to be thread safe. Hands-on practical sessions will play a central part in the course, illustrating key issues such as the need for appropriate synchronisation to ensure program correctness. All the exercises can be undertaken using C or Fortran. The OpenSHMEM material will be delivered by the ARCHER CSE team; the GASPI material will be delivered by Christian Simmendinger (T-Systems Solutions for Research) and Mirko Rahn (Fraunhofer ITWM).

This course takes place in connection with the Joint Workshop of the European Exascale Projects at EPCC in Edinburgh, UK.
DEEP project partners can participate in the whole course or can also focus on the GASPI tutorial on 18 March 2014 in the morning.