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PICO 2013

Frontiers of aberration corrected electron microscopy conference

09.10.2013 14:30 Uhr
12.10.2013 14:30 Uhr
Kasteel Vaalsbroek, The Netherlands

Pico 2013

The second Conference on Frontiers of Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy will be held in Kasteel Vaalsbroek on 9 - 12 October 2013. PICO 2013 will focus on the most recent advances in methods and applications for the study of structural and electronic properties of solids by the application of advanced electron microscopy techniques. It will consider the latest developments in electron optics and will enable researchers and technology developers to share their work and visions.

Topical issues of aberration corrected microscopy will be highlighted in keynote presentations given by leading invited speakers. Confirmed speakers include Wolfgang Baumeister (Martinsried), Chris Boothroyd (Jülich), Christian Colliex (Orsay), Ulrich Dahmen (Berkeley), Rafal Dunin-Borkowski (Jülich), Michael Fiddy (Charlotte), Hamish Fraser (Columbus), Bert Freitag (Eindhoven), Max Haider (Heidelberg), Archie Howie (Cambridge), Martin Hytch (Toulouse), Kazuo Ishizuka (Higashimatsuyama), Wolfgang Jäger (Kiel), Chunlin Jia (Jülich), Ute Kaiser (Ulm), Angus Kirkland (Oxford), Ondrej Krivanek (Kirkland), Hannes Lichte (Dresden), Laurie Marks (Evanston), Joachim Mayer (Aachen), Molly McCartney (Tempe), John Rodenburg (Sheffield), Harald Rose (Darmstadt), Frances Ross (Yorktown Heights), Owen Saxton (Cambridge), Robert Sinclair (Stanford), David Smith (Tempe), John Spence (Tempe), Andreas Thust (Jülich), Knut Urban (Jülich), Dirk Van Dyck (Antwerp), and Masashi Watanabe (Lehigh).

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