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3rd International Plant Phenotyping Symposium Chennai 2014


Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

The 3rd International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, organized by the M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation and the International Plant Phenotyping Network, will be held in Chennai, India during 17‐19th of February, 2014.The symposium will address the relevant topics in plant phenotyping and provide an extended overview about recent developments in this field. Participants will have the opportunity to meet leading plant phenotyping scientists and to visit Indian plant phenotyping platforms.

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Significant progress has been made in molecular tools for plant breeding in recent years and the genomes of several plants have been sequenced. In genomics, revealing the function of most genes and their regulation patterns is regarded as the next challenge in utilizing molecular knowledge for plant systems biology and its application. However, this knowledge will not enable us to simulate the phenotype of a plant without knowing the history and the dynamic interaction of the plant with its environment. A plant phenotype is the unique outcome of a process that depends on the sequence of environmental impacts, in which it develops. Thus, plant phenotyping - quantitative analysis of structure and function of plants - has become the major bottleneck, and quantitative information on genotype-environment relations is the key to address major future challenges. The gap between the knowledge about genes and related phenotypes is particularly large in analyses of plant-environment interactions that are urgently needed for research and application to sustainable and resource-use-efficient crop production. The symposium will address topics related to key plant functions such as cell production, growth, gas exchange, water and mineral status and transport as well as the role of plant architecture for efficient use of resources above- and belowground, that need to be quantified during the dynamic responses of plants to the dynamic environmental conditions throughout their development. Additionally this event will provide excellent networking opportunities between users, phenotyping experts or yet-to-become platform operators, as well as experts in technology development and integration.


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 3rd International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, Chennai 2014 (PDF, 168 kB)