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JSM Seminar: Chinese Whispers: Noise in Quorum Sensing

Dr. Javier Buceta, Computer Simulation and Modeling (Co.S.Mo.) Lab, Parc Cientific de Barcelona, Spain

28.06.2013 11:00 Uhr
28.06.2013 12:00 Uhr

Joint Soft Matter Seminar

A wide range of bacteria species are known to communicate through so-called quorum sensing (QS) mechanisms by means of which they produce a small molecule that can freely diffuse in the environment and in the cells. Upon reaching a threshold concentration, the signalling molecule activates the QS-controlled genes synchronously in the whole cell population. This mechanism, for its simplicity, has become the model system for studying the emergence of coordinated behavior in prokaryotic cells. Yet how cells precisely measure the signal concentration and act in synchrony, despite the presence of fluctuations that unavoidably affects cell regulation and signalling, remains unclear. Here I'll review different aspects of the QS mechanism where noise plays a crucial role. In particular, I'll show how bacteria regulate the fluctuations to achieve communication, and what elements of the genetic regulation control noise.


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