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Microswimmers International Conference – From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behaviour

organized by the DFG Priority Programme 1726

04 Oct 2016
07 Oct 2016
Forschungszentrum caesar in Bonn, Germany


The science of self-propelled microscopic agents is a fascinating, multidisciplinary field with high relevance in biology and life sciences and large potential impact on technology. Progress in this interdisciplinary field is facilitated by the joint efforts of researchers from physics, biology, chemistry, material sciences, and engineering.

The close collaboration of experiment and simulation, the development of new fabrication methods, and the advancement of theory has led to a rapid increase in the understanding of natural swimmers and design of artificial swimmers in recent years. In this conference, we aim to unite scientist from all disciplines in the field of microswimmers to promote the dissemination of insight and progress in the community beyond the disciplinary borders. We intend to focus on:

Cells and Microorganisms
• Artificial Swimmers
• Nano- and Microbots
• Swimming Mechanisms
• Collective Behaviour
• Synchronization
• Confinement
• Related Systems (Tissue, Motility Assays, …)

The programme will contain invited and contributed talks, and poster sessions.

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Microswimmers International Conference website


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gompper
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