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ICS-3 Seminar: Prof. Dr. Jose-Luis Méndez Alcaraz
Dept. of Physics, CINVESTAV, Mexico-City

27 Mar 2012 10:30

Colloidal halos


By means of computer simulations a neutral spherical substrate is placed in the bulk of a suspension of colloidal particles interacting with a long-ranged repulsive potential. Some of the particles are then observed to adsorb on the surface of the substrate, building colloidal halos. We obtain the conditions for the halos formation and find out that the number of adsorbed particles follows scaling laws as function of the microscopic variables of the system. We also study the angular distribution of the adsorbed particles along the spherical surface of the substrate, finding it to jump alternately between fluid- and crystal-like structures for some “magic numbers” of adsorbed particles.