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ICS-3 Vortrag: Prof. Dr. A.J. Banchio
Physics Dept. National University of Cordoba, Argentinien

SFB 985: Funktionelle Mikrogele und Mikrogelsysteme

„A simple model micro-swimmer at low Reynolds number: A Stokesian Dynamics study”

04 Dec 2012 11:30
Seminarraum A1-A3, Building 04.6

Abstract: In this work we study the swimming velocity, energy dissipaion, and efficiency of simple model micro-swimmers by implementing the recently developed Stokesian Dynamics extension for low Reynolds number swimmers [1]. In particular, we analyze indetail the "swimming" properties of the so called "three-sphere-swimmer", prescribing the velocities or the forces acting on the spheres. Results are compared with analytic expressions for the limiting situations. We further consider the interactions between two swimmers and their trajectories depending on initial conditions. [1] Swan et al., Phys. Fluids 23, 071901 (2011).