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Sonderseminar SFB 985:
Thermal and Structural Properties of Ionic Microgel Suspensions


Prof. Dr. Alan Denton
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA

13 Dec 2016 10:30
13 Dec 2016 11:30
Seminarraum A1-3, Building 04.6, Entrance E1


Microgels are microscopic gel particles that become swollen when dispersed in a solvent. The equilibrium size of a microgel is governed by a balance of osmotic pressures, which can be tuned by varying single-particle properties and externally controlled conditions, such as temperature, pH, ionic strength, and concentration. Because of their tunable size and ability to encapsulate dye or drug molecules, these soft colloidal particles have practical relevance for biosensing, drug delivery, carbon capture, and filtration. Combining theory and simulation for a model of elastic, compressible particles, we demonstrate that, with increasing concentration, ionic microgels can deswell due to a redistribution of counterions, while nonionic microgels deswell due to steric interparticle interactions. We further explore consequences of size polydispersity for the structure and thermodynamic phase behavior of microgel suspensions.


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