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ICS-INM gemeinsamer Workshop/Retreat


Theme: This year’s retreat encourages submissions to cross-sectional focus themes, coordinated by colleagues from different disciplines and institutes. See Abstract Submission for details.

Registration: The registration is free and helps us to optimize the costs of the INM/ICS Retreat by letting us know how many participants to expect. Please register here independent of whether you submit an abstract or not!

Abstract Submission: Please see the abstract submission page. Please register for the meeting in addition.

Over the past years, the retreat of the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM) has become a traditional annual event serving as a well-accepted platform for scientific presentations on brain research, personal interactions and discussions across topics and institutes. As such, it has also become an integral part of the current INM’s POF III program Decoding the Human Brain with its four research topics Connectivity & Network Activity(Dys-)Function & PlasticityNeuroimaging, and Theory, Modeling and Simulation.

This year’s retreat, however, will be expanded to a joint event of the INM and the Institute of Complex Systems (ICS), in line with the overall strategy process currently evolving at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Consequently, the addressed research spectrum will be broadened significantly by the three topics Functional Macromolecules & Complex SystemsEngineering Cell Function, and Physical Basis of Disease implemented in the POF III program BioSoft.

The INM/ICS retreat is meant to get to know each other in a profound way and to understand the relevant scientific questions raised and approaches implemented by each research group. Apparently, this is an essential basis for a joint future, promoting collaborations and fostering fruitful interactions across institutes, systems, technologies, and scales.

As in previous years, we will offer tutorials in order to introduce deeper insights into the various fields and specialized methodologies developed and used at the INM and ICS. The morning of the first day and, for the very first time, the afternoon of the second day will be devoted to these tutorials to account for the increasing interest in such lectures. They will be organized in parallel sessions with the themes: Advanced Multivariate Data Analysis, Functional NeuroanatomyMagnetic Resonance ImagingNeuroethicsBiophysics in Neuroscience, Molecular Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases for Neuroscientists.

A special meeting for PhD students taking place right before the actual retreat, on Monday, will be organized as well. The aim of this meeting is to provide an opportunity for PhD students to get to know each other across the institutes, to stimulate the exchange of ideas, and to discuss career issues as well as rules of good scientific practice in an informal setting.

In the main meeting, we will have oral presentations as well as poster sessions in order to have more opportunities for in-depth discussions stimulating further interactions among researchers to foster inspiring new ideas and collaborations. This year we decided to involve group leaders more deeply in the process of setting up the scientific program, including the assignment of abstracts to the following proposed topics, from which oral sessions will be built: Aggression and impulsivity across the life span, Connectivity across the scales – from neuron assemblies to cognitive networksNovel targets for treatment and diagnostics of neurodegenerative diseasesCellular mechanisms in neuroscience, Computational approaches for neuronal synchrony, and Functional and structural imaging in health and disease.

We are looking forward to your numerous abstract contributions that will again allow us to create a retreat program that represents the full range of exciting research done at the INM and the ICS.

Such an event can only become a success story with the support of all of us! We are looking forward seeing you all in July.