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PGI-Kolloquium: Prof Dr. Koki Takanashi

Spin Current and Spintronics

19 Aug 2011 14:00
19 Aug 2011 16:00
Hörsaal, Raum 365, Gebäude 04.8

Spin Current and Spintronics

Prof Dr. Koki Takanashi

Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan

“Spin current”, i.e., the flow of spin, in magnetic nanostructures has emerged as a fascinating physical concept during the recent development of spintronics. In contrast to electric current, i.e., the flow of charge, the spin current is the flow of angular momentum, and changes through the transfer of angular momentum. The spin current can be controlled by a physical signal (magnetic, electric, optical, etc.), and vice versa. Efficient generation and precise control of spin current in magnetic nanostructures are key technologies for the further development of spintronics. For a recent few years, spin current has been extensively investigated, and the understanding of spin current has been developed dramatically. In my talk, the concept and historical background of spin current, and the recent progress in spin current research will be reviewed, particularly from the viewpoint of materials.

Invited by: Dr. Daniel Bürgler