DPG Spring Meeting 2013


In recent years, major advancement has been made in the study of collective, localized, and discrete excitations in itinerant nanomagnets and atomic quantum magnets. This progress has been triggered by the development of spin-polarized electron energy loss spectroscopy (SPEELS) and by low-temperature scanning probe techniques (STM). These tools probe inelastic spin-dependent phenomena and moved to the forefront of research in nanomagnets the understanding of inelastic magnetic effects. Challenged by these experiments, new theoretical approaches have been developed, i.e. based on time-dependent density functional theory and many-body perturbation theory.

In this session, we want to focus on the variety of new physics in this area of research. We start from the collective excitations in low-dimensional films as measured with SPEELS and inelastic STM and then move to systems of small adclusters and adatoms. The focus session includes three experimental and two theoretical presentations.

Invited speakers are:




Symposium Organizer:

Stefan Blügel,
Forschungszentrum Jülich,

11.03.2013, 15:00 to 11.03.2013, 17:30